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Child Custody for Mothers

Child Custody for Mothers - Mothers Rights, Book on Mothers Rights, Moms Divorce
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More Mothers are Winning Custody of their Children in the Family Courts

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Why Mothers Get Custody?

Mothers and fathers both have a prominent role to play in supporting the growth and development of their children. However, it wasn't until the 1970s that the tender years doctrine was replaced by the best interests of the child doctrine as public policy which guided the family courts in how they awarded child custody. Despite the 20th century shift to the best interest of the child doctrine, many family courts today continue to give great weight to the traditional role of the mother as the primary caregiver. The application of this standard in custody determinations has historically tended to favor the mother of the children.

In situations in which the mother earns less than the father, it does not entitle him to get custody of the child in the event of a divorce. For example, in the early 1900's, fathers were typically given custody of the children in the case of a divorce. Many states then shifted to the tender years doctrine which completely favored the mothers as the primary caregiver. This standard is changing in recent times yet again. Child custody is being awarded to the parent keeping in view the best interests of the child with no preference towards gender.

Inspite of all the legal complications during a child custody battle, all 50 states within the US have statutes that clearly determine the custody rights of a mother. Mothers are often viewed as the primary caretaker and the natural custodian of the child in cases involving paternity trials. In these cases mothers have the right to file a petition against the father on behalf of the child asking him to prove whether he is the biological and legal father of the child or not. Once paternity of the father is proven, the mother has the right to ask for financial support or child support on behalf of the child. Apart from this, she can also request that the father pay for medical and health insurance of the child, share the medical expenses incurred during the birth of the child, and pay a portion of the mother’s attorney fees and litigation expenses. Courts generally do not support the notion that a father need not pay for the support of their child.

In child custody cases where the father does not fulfill his responsibilities pertaining to parenting, mothers have the right to ask the courts terminate the custody rights of the father. In such cases, the custody rights of the father would be transferred to another person selected by the mother, if the father is found to abandon the child for a prolonged period of time. Mothers can even ask the courts to nullify the visitation and custody rights of the father, if they feel that their children are experiencing physical abuse and domestic violence. In situations where the physical and mental stability of the father is affecting the emotional and psychological development of the child, mothers can file a petition before the court asking for a transfer of custody.

Common Child Custody Issues for Mothers

* Mothers custody rights after divorce
* Relocating after divorce or separation
* Parental alienation accusations
* Unmarried mothers rights child custody if unwed
* Locating father or naming father of child
* Child support issues, collections, awards
* Child custody visitation schedule
* Mothers parental rights if never married
* Single mothers rights of children
* Financial support and child custody
* Child custody visitation rights for moms
* Affects of new relationships or remarriage on custody
* Child custody domestic violence
* Mother's rights vs. grandparents rights

How are Mothers Winning Custody?

Mothers often provide primary care for their children and are involved in the day to day responsibilities of raising and nurturing their children. While some mothers may be at a disadvantage financially at the beginning of their divorce, more mothers are becoming educated with strategies and information on How to Win Child Custody and how other mothers are winning custody of their children in the family courts.

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